The EnergyWaterFoodNexus is a new science enterprise launching here at Florida Agricultural & Mechanical University to unite an international public-private network focused on solving international sustainability problems. Addressing environmental resource issues worldwide, the Nexus is a much-needed response to the global energy, water and food crisis.

Florida A&M's EnergyWaterFoodNexus leads the charge in breaking the silos of the energy, water and food sectors to galvanize cooperative research and development across resource fields. The Nexus connects worldwide industry leaders, technical experts, entrepreneurs, academics, public agencies and nonprofit organizations to collaborate in unearthing solutions for sustainability.

As a new science enterprise, the Nexus is designed to deliver tangible, applicable and marketable outcomes to accelerate innovation in the energy, water and food sectors. The Nexus directly supports the EnergyWaterFood Summit, which convenes world-class experts cooperating to produce research, technology, and practical solutions to the world's environmental needs.

Florida A&M, as a leader in this new science enterprise and host of Summit, functions as a standing hub for energy, water and food research and innovation. The Nexus calls Tallahassee, Florida it's locus. Because the state of Florida is renowned for its natural resources and Tallahassee is a city certified for its sustainable practices, the Summit is the best place to examine the convergence of the energy, water and food sectors.